Over time, your Air Conditioning refrigerant gas can become clogged-up with fine particles and moisture. This means it can’t cool your vehicle as well as it did when your car was new.Vehicle Air Conditioner Controls Harmful bacteria can also build up in the Air Conditioning system over time and this can lead to unpleasant odours, allergic reactions and even irritations.

Your car’s Air Conditioning System is not just for keeping the air cool in your car, it is also used to de-humidify the hot air in winter. It also demists the windows and helps keeping your windscreen clear. If the Air Conditioning system isn’t working properly, the moist air won’t be able to demist the windscreen, which in turn will affect visibility.

Most car manufacturers recommend that the Air Conditioning system in a car is recharged with new gas every two years. We try to use the more environmentally friendly R1234yf gas where possible and is the system which is fitted to newer cars. This is the replacement for R134a gas which is due to be phased out by car manufacturers by the year 2021.

We can service both systems. 

Here at D&L Vehicle Repairs, we will carry out a treatment that will help clean your Air Conditioning system and improve the air quality. At the same time eliminating odours and providing a healthier environment in your vehicle. This entails removing all the old refrigerant gas and oil and then thoroughly clean the system. Once this cleaning has been completed your new oil and refrigerant gas will be injected into the system. We’ll then take a temperature reading to ensure that the Re-Gas of the system has worked.

Common signs that there might be a problem with your Air Conditioning system include:

  • Unusual smells come out of the air vents
  • The windows fog up when system is turned on
  • Air Conditioning system doesn’t cool the vehicle to the required temperature
  • Air Conditioning System or engine makes a loud noise when the system is turned on
  • The fan / blowers aren’t working
  • Failure of the dashboard controls
  • The car stalls when air conditioning is switched on
  • There is water on the floor of the vehicle

Car DashboardIf you think your Air Conditioning system has developed a fault,
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