Diagnostic Repairs

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are installed in most modern vehicles to monitor and manage various electronic systems. This computer system checks the engine, brakes and almost every mechanical part on the car. Therefore, this computer system is constantly updating information from the different sensors in the engine.

Adjusting these as needed, will help the car to always run smoothly with no problems. Hence, this computer system also controls the engine management light on the dashboard. When there is a problem that the computer ca’t fix itself, it triggers this light so a garage can then identify and solve the problem.

A code is produced by the system which then helps identify the problem. The onboard diagnostics system, which all cars have, stores all the faults in its memory. This system allows for a garage to use a scanning tool to identify the problem on nearly all makes of cars.

A fault in any of these systems creates a code that is usually stored in the associated ECU. So, vehicles are capable of relaying thousands of diagnostic trouble codes to any garage with the equipment to read them.

Here at D&L Vehicle Repairs we can use our own diagnostic equipment to connect to your vehicle to read any fault codes that are stored. We can use these to diagnose any faulty components and allow us to resolve the issue for you.

So if you have that annoying light on your dashboard or your vehicle is giving you a message bring your vehicle to us here at D&L Vehicle Repairs and let us diagnose the problem. We have fully qualified, expert technicians who will be on hand to help you and your vehicle.

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